A voice gigantic Country Diva offers ambitious musicians two rooms with view of the garden and a joint career


Hard rocker is looking for a relaxed flat-share without obligation to clean. Washing machine not a requirement. Main thing room for a case of beer and a large amplifier.


„A smart string virtuoso

is looking for a flat share with clear rules for the time to prior to his emigration to Hawaii!



Lucky Leles


A flat-share

in music !


Silke dreams of a big career as a country singer.

Not without an ulterior motive does she rent out the two bedrooms in

her small flat to the two musicians Torsten and Andy.

Of all things she plans to set up her country band with two ukulele players,

in order to go on a world tour and to become rich and famous at last.

But it is not that easy to take in the new lodgers after all.

The roadie Torsten drives his flatmates absolutely crazy,

when he listens to hard rock at ear-splitting volume in his room

and he then grips the strings of his electric ukulele

as he stands in a wide-legged pose, imitating his rock heroes.

Ex-surfer Andy practices with sheer determination daily from

dawn to dusk the same scale alongside the monotonous tick-tack of the metronome.

Without consideration for the nerves of his flatmates he pursues his rise to be the fastest ukulele player in the world, in order to be admired by the Hula-girls on Hawaii.

How far will Silke go to reach her goal?

Will she succeed in turning Torsten and Andy into real cowboys?

What is the real story around the dubious 'Dolly-Parton-Look-Alike' competition?

Will things end well despite living radios,

annoying metronomes and questionable implants?

Experience a lively ukulele comedy show with country songs,

Hawaii schmalz and rock anthems.

Director: Simon Kuhr

Costumes: Polly Mathies